Tuesday, September 28

Avances en Inteligencia Artificial

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Facebook suspends its AI for applying racist biases | Digital Trends Spanish

Facebook has disabled the AI-based recommendation feature after a serious racist incident occurred. In accordance with The New York Times, the system cataloged a video from the british newspaper Daily Mail in which black people appeared as a video of "primates". Specifically, the social network showed an automatic message in the video asking the user if they want to continue watching videos of primates. It was former Facebook employee Darci Groves who sounded the alarm by tweeting about the bug last week and sharing a screenshot. Um. This “keep seeing” prompt is unacceptable, @Facebook. And despite the video being more than a year old, a friend got this prompt yesterday. Friends at FB, please escalate. This is egregious. pic.twitter.com/vEHdnvF8ui & mdash; Darci Groves (@tweetsb...
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The Pentagon develops an AI capable of predicting the future | Digital Trends Spanish

Once again reality is stranger than fiction and although it seems like the plot of a dystopian movie, the US military claims to be testing cutting-edge data collection tools that, combined with artificial intelligence, are capable of predicting the movements of enemies days in advance. In accordance with the information reported by ZDNet, the system the Pentagon works on is called Global Information Dominance Experiments (GIDE). This advanced system combines tools that collect data such as devices and sensors along with artificial intelligence and large amounts of data computed in the cloud. The combination of all these elements allows the system to predict the events that may occur in the future. By simplifying its operation, the system acts in the same way as meteorological systems....