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Israel forces dog poop to be collected using DNA | Digital Trends Spanish

Tel Aviv will analyze the DNA of dog waste to fine owners who have not collected it from public places. The city has just approved the creation of a database that requires dog owners to submit the DNA data of their pets when renewing their possession authorization. According to the information collected by the municipality, an average of about 500 kilos of dog feces per month is not collected by the owners. Thus, the person who has not cleaned up their dog's poop will receive the fine by mail and will be charged the cost of collecting the sample. If the DNA sample is not provided, the pet owner will not have the license renewed. The validity of the documents will expire within six months after the entry into force of this new standard. Getty Images.“Everyone who walks down the city str...
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A Chinese company collected data from millions of foreigners | Digital Trends Spanish

A Chinese technology company, with military and intelligence links to the Asian giant, has at its disposal the personal data of 2.4 million people around the world, according to computer analysts. This is Zhenhua Data, a company based in Shenzhen, a city in southeast China, which collected the information from public data, such as social media profiles, according to Internet 2.0, a cybersecurity consultancy based in Canberra . The consultancy was able to retrieve the records of about 250,000 people from the leaked dataset, including about 52,000 Americans, 35,000 Australians and about 10,000 British. The payroll includes politicians, such as Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison and their relatives, the royal family, celebrities and military figures. The Guar...