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Pokémon Go: how to defeat Giovanni from Team Rocket (July 2021) | Digital Trends Spanish

Team Rocket leader Giovanni is back in Pokemon go with a challenge worthy of the best trainers: defeat Dark Ho-Oh. If you are a regular player you will even wonder if it is possible to beat him, since he has powerful pokémon. But in this guide we will not only tell you how to defeat Giovanni in Pokemon go, but also how to find it and which ones are the best counters to be imposed in July 2021. You will be interested in: How long will Giovanni be in Pokémon Go? Giovanni is part of the Season of Discoveries, a special event that Niantic introduced to Pokemon go to provide new challenges to complete in the game. The Season of Discoveries, which includes the confrontation with Giovanni in Pokemon go, will be open until September 1, 2021. In addition to the battle against the leader of Tea...