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The 10 best bathroom cleaning products of 2021

Bathrooms are exposed to a host of germs, so cleaning yours with effective products is very important. Clorox Let's face it: Cleaning the bathroom is never going to be the highlight of your day. But bathrooms are exposed to plenty of germs on a dail...
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I once bought a 6-month supply of toilet paper on Prime Day and it remains one of the best decisions I’ve ever made

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more.After many years of covering all the best sales and deals on Prime Day, I've come to know what products consistently see great bargains during the shopping event. Sure, there are great TVs, laptops, phones, and speakers on sale, but for me, a sleeper hit on Prime Day are major discounts on bulk toilet paper .I get it; toilet paper is the last thing on people's minds when Prime Day rolls around. But this is your opportunity to buy once and not have to think about it again until months and months later. I understand ...