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Investigation Reveals How OnlyFans Allowed Illegal Content | Digital Trends Spanish

After the surprising announcement of OnlyFans and the total ban on pornographic content, a new investigation publishes some details of the internal management of the company and reveals how OnlyFans allowed certain illegal content within the platform if it was published by "successful" accounts. The BBC report provides somewhat lurid details about the work of OnlyFans moderators, whose job it is to review posted content and enforce certain rules. But some moderators, on condition of anonymity, explain that OnlyFans does not act in the same way with all its creators and that with certain content and certain accounts it was more permissive. One of these moderators reveals that OnlyFans' unwritten rules were simple: if your followers with fewer followers posted illegal content, they were ...
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Russia expels British journalist Sarah Rainsford, who said the move is’devastating’

BBC Moscow correspondent Sarah Rainsford has reported from Russia since 2000. Russian state television announced she was "going home." The BBC condemned the move as "a direct assault on media freedom." The move appears to be retaliation for LoadingSomething is loading. The long-time Moscow correspondent for the British Broadcasting Corporation is bein...
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Vaccines storm BBC studios in London | Digital Trends Spanish

A group of anti-vaccine protesters have attempted to violently break into BBC studios in West London. According to local media, this led to violent clashes with the police, and one of the protesters managed to enter the premises. It is believed that the demonstration may have been organized by the anti-vaccine group Official Voice and was directed against vaccine passports and inoculation in minors. Those who participated also criticized the media for having disseminated this type of vaccination campaign. Getty Images.Various records on social networks account for the clashes between the protesters and the police officers, who at times became very aggressive. "Official Voice protesters try to storm the BBC studios in White City, but they run into a heavy police presence," says a London ...
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How long will Jodie Whittaker continue in Doctor Who? | Digital Trends Spanish

The BBC confirmed that Jodie Whittaker's run on Doctor Who will come to an end next year, after several months of rumors and speculation on this topic. The channel explained that the actress's departure will occur after three specials that will be broadcast in 2022 after season 13. Thus, Whittaker starred in the series for three seasons and marked a true milestone by becoming the first woman to play the main character. The actress will not be the only one to leave the series, as Chris Chibnall, showrunner of the show for four years, will also be fired in 2022. BBC."My heart is so filled with love for this series, for the team that makes it, for the fans who watch it and for what it has brought into my life," Whittaker said in a statement. And I can't thank Chris enough for trusting me w...