Monday, September 20

bicicleta eléctrica

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This electric bike motor eliminates the chain | Digital Trends Spanish

The German company Schaeffler has just launched its innovative Free Drive system for pedal-assisted electric bicycles. Thanks to this system, it would not be necessary to use a chain or strap between the pedals and the wheel hub (also known as the hub). The system consists of two electric machines, a generator and a motor, connected by a cable, which is responsible for sending the energy created by the cyclist while pedaling. Basically, what this electrical machine does is transform mechanical energy into electrical energy, this reaches a second device installed in the rear wheel, where this energy is now converted into mechanical energy, which is used to drive the bicycle. In this way, the innovative system makes it possible to eliminate the crown of the chainring on the pedals, the ch...
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Porsche presents its new brand of electric bicycles | Digital Trends Spanish

The sports and luxury car manufacturer Porsche has announced the creation of a new brand, exclusively dedicated to electric bikes: Cyklaer (or Cyklær). This new brand is not just the work of Porsche, but a collaboration with Storck (a racing bike manufacturer), Greyp and Fazua (both component companies). The Cyklaer will be sports bikes that will use an electric motor to move, but also other very modern features. Because it will not only be a motorized bicycle, but it will also have cameras on the rear and front, which can well serve as a digital rear-view mirror thanks to the connectivity with an application to smartphones. More than a bicycle as such, what Porsche and its partners seek with Cyklaer is to create what they call a "digital solutions platform", which includes various nav...
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Hot Wheels presents its new and exclusive electric bicycle | Digital Trends Spanish

Hot Wheels, the popular miniature car maker, will make the leap into life-size vehicles. To do this, they partnered with a company called Super73 with which they will create a completely electric bike. This bicycle will be called Hot Wheels X Super73-RX and it will be able to travel up to 40 miles (80 kilometers) at a top speed of 20 mph (32 km / h). Although of course, it is an electric bicycle and not a motorcycle, so the capacity of the battery is not so relevant, because when it runs out of charge you can simply pedal. Now, the Hot Wheels name makes this vehicle special, at least from a design point of view; We've all seen how outlandish some of the manufacturer's vehicles get, so this bike, while it doesn't look too fancy, doesn't look like a very conventional one either. In fa...