Sunday, July 25


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‘Whitey on the Moon’ poem garners social media attention on anniversary of moon landing, Bezos’s spaceflight

Billionaire Jeff Bezos launched into space on Tuesday, the anniversary of the 1969 moon landing. Gil Scott-Heron, the revolutionary poet and soul artist, released "Whitey on the Moon" in 1970. The poem resurfaced on social media in response to the billionaire space race. LoadingSomething is loading. Gil Scott-Heron's poem "Whitey on the Moon" h...
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Billionaire Richard Branson aims to fly to the edge of space as early as July 11, narrowly beating Jeff Bezos

After weeks of flying rumors, Richard Branson has finally confirmed that he's aiming to reach the edge of space before Jeff Bezos.The two billionaires both founded their own spaceflight companies — Bezos started Blue Origin in 2000 and Branson created Virgin Galactic in 2004 — with the ultimate dream of getting to space themselves. Their personal space race might end next weekend.That's because Virgin Galactic announced Thursday that it's planning to launch Branson aboard its next test flight, as early as July 11. Bezos won't be climbing aboard his company's New Shepard rocket until July 20."I've always been a dreamer. My mum taught me to never give up and to reach for the stars," Branson said on Twitter. "On July 11, it's ti...