Sunday, July 25

Birth Rate

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I know firsthand that having kids while young is penalized at work. If we’re worried about declining birth rates, workplaces need to start supporting young motherhood.

The US birth rate is declining partly because women are delaying childbirth. Workplace culture that discriminates against mothers plays a big part in deterring women from having children earlier in life. Now is the time to address the part our workplaces play in families' reproductive options. Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt is a writer living in New York City. This is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed are those of the author. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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Economic uncertainty and expanding opportunities for women have lowered the US birth rate — and it could lead to future labor shortages

From 1950 to 2021, we saw a 50% decline in US birth rates, from 25 births per 1,000 people to 12. Sociologist Ann Oberhauser says the decline is tied to progress in areas like reproductive medicine and access to education. Lower fertility rates could translate to possible future labor shortages in many sectors of the economy. LoadingSomething is loading. ...