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I flew on JetBlue founder’s David Neeleman’s new airline and saw how it’s nothing like his old one — but it isn’t supposed to be

The inaugural flight of David Neeleman's Breeze Airways. Thomas Pallini/Insider Breeze Airways is the latest brainchild of JetBlue Airways founder David Neeleman. The two airlines couldn't be any more different, however, despite having the same founder. Breeze's strategy is completely diffeent from JetBlue but still works even though it offers a different product. See more stories on Insider's business page. JetBlue Airways revolutionized air travel in the US when it launched in 2000, at the turn of the century. JetBlue Airways planes. Fred Prouser/Reuters Read More: JetBlue revolutionized low-cost travel when it first flew 20 years ago — here's how it beat the odds to become a major US airline  Seat-back television screens, complimentary snacks, and low fares ...
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What truck drivers really think about new federal regulations to crack down on drug use

We published a story about the federal government's new law to drug test truck drivers. The law has mostly caught marijuana users. We argued that it won't meaningfully boost safety on the road. Truck drivers shared in emails with Insider laying out what they think of the new rule. LoadingSomething is loading. A federal rule that went into eff...
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Flying has been an absolute mess this summer — and it may get worse before it gets better

The summer travel season is off to a rough start thanks to hundreds of flight delays and cancellations. Airlines quickly found themselves overscheduled and understaffed due to pandemic cuts. Hiring plans are in motion but it will be a while until airlines reach full strength. LoadingSomething is loading. Flying is back, and with a vengeance....
SAS Scandinavian Airlines is deploying its brand-new jet to the US to take flyers to a reopening Europe and beyond — see inside
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SAS Scandinavian Airlines is deploying its brand-new jet to the US to take flyers to a reopening Europe and beyond — see inside

SAS first took delivery of this aircraft in February 2020 but most flyers didn't have the chance to experience the aircraft. This summer, however, will see the US cities of Newark, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago receive the aircraft with service to Oslo, Norway, and Copenhagen, Denmark. ...
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Tension and violence onboard airplanes is soaring, but the CDC still wants flyers to wear masks because the unvaccinated are’extremely vulnerable’

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is against lifting the mask mandate on airplanes. The Transportation Security Administration's current mask mandate expires on September 13 but may be extended. Thousands of travelers have been banned from airlines for not wearing masks. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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A private aviation firm is giving travelers a taste of the high life by offering private jet flights for as low as $450: Meet Set Jet

Set Jet is a private airline offering private jet flights for similar prices as domestic first class. A monthly membership costs $99.95 and flights on wide-cabin Bombardier jets start at $449.95 one-way. A total of 11 year-round routes are offered with a New York-Los Angeles route coming in the next year. See more stories on Insider's business page. One company is bridging the price gap between flying first class and flying private and opening up the glitzy side of aviation to those that were traditionally priced out of it.Set Jet is a membership-based private airline offering seats on a true private jet for as low as $449.95 one-...
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Dassault’s new $75 million private jet with the largest cabin of its class is primed to blow Gulfstream and Bombardier’s flagship jets out of the water

Dassault Aviation's Falcon 10X is the latest ultra-long-range private jet, going up against Gulfstream and Bombardier. While late to the scene and comparable in range to the Bombardier Global 7500 and Gulfstream G700, the Falcon 10X offers unbeatable cabin enhancements. Smaller airports will also be easier to access and with more capability than other aircraft. See more stories on Insider's business page. Dassault Aviation is the latest entrant into the ultra-long-range realm of private jets and going up against long-time rivals Bombardier and Gulfstream with its latest Falcon 10X. Debuted in May, the $75 million Falcon 10X — wit...
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United says that ‘100%’ of customers will be able to bring carry-on bags as part of its massive fleet upgrades

United Airlines' new aircraft interiors will have larger overhead bins that it says can accommodate every passenger's carry-on. As many as six bags can fit in the new overhead bins when placed on their sides. Gate-checking bags would be eliminated and flyers wouldn't need to crowd the gate before a flight. See more stories on Insider's business page. United Airlines plans to gut the interiors of its narrow-body Boeing and Airbus planes as part of a multi-year fleet revitalization program. Upgrades to the cabin will include installing seat-back in-flight entertainment screens, in-seat power at every seat , and LED mood lighting. On...