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The classic Blockbuster-style video stores return | Digital Trends Spanish

Those who grew up in the 1990s were the last to take advantage of video stores. These stores, like the famous Blockbuster, offered the rental of VHS movies and later also video games and DVDs. Soon the most nostalgic will be able to relive those memories with a new virtual reality game, it's called The Last Video Store and has been announced for PlayStation VR. As seen in the trailer, in-game you'll be able to walk through the corridors full of tapes, grabbing and going through every single movie you pull off the shelves — like The evil dead Y Mac and Me—and watch movies with other users in a movie theater or virtual living room. The idea is attractive, but who knows how it will eventually work because of the licenses. According to the description of the trailer, if you don't want t...
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Now you can sleep in the world’s last Blockbuster | Digital Trends Spanish

The word Blockbuster is an immediate journey back to the 1990s and the glorious past of VHS leasing, where thousands of venues around the world settled as the kings of home entertainment. But in 2020, only one physical store remains that is a vestige of this history, it is located in the town of Bend in Oregon, between pine forests and majestic mountains. And now Airbnb is trying to fulfill the dream of several, to hand over the keys to this latest Blockbuster to lease it for up to four people. Previous Following one of 4 “Hello, Deschutes County Residents! Dust off those membership cards ...