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BMW X5 Black Vermilion Edition 2022: worthy of Darth Vader | Digital Trends Spanish

When the BMW X5 hit the market as the famous German automaker's first SUV, the global automotive landscape was very different. At the time, no one suspected that SUVs and crossovers would become the vehicle of choice for American buyers, but their factor cool It was already sky high, and its potential as a vehicle for everyday use obvious. Something that confirmed the success of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class, the predecessor of the SUV that we know today as the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class, which had burst onto the luxury car market two years ago. Today however, already in its fourth generation and with at least nine serious competitors, the BMW X5 does not stand out as easily as its predecessors, and it is there that expensive special editions come in to play an important role in helping to r...
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This is how it flies: BMW created a suit with wings to travel at 300 km / h | Digital Trends Spanish

There are dozens of videos that can be seen on YouTube of intrepid athletes who fly at high speed thanks to suits with wings developed to take advantage of aerodynamics and the force of gravity. It is an adrenaline-fueled sport, the wingsuit, in which its followers glide between rocky gaps and narrow mountain passages. Austrian wingsuit pro Peter Salzmann wanted to add some speed to the discipline. He contacted BMW's Designworks team and together they created electric thrusters that added speed to the flight, he reported. New Atlas. The result can be seen in a video produced by the German brand. Initially, Salzmann wanted to mount the thrusters in a backpack arrangement, with long tubes capable of generating more thrust. But BMW engineers convinced him that the most advantageous ...
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MotorTech: BMW M235i Gran Coupe, sportiness and pleasure | Digital Trends Spanish

This week at MotorTech we tested the new BMW M235i Gran Coupe. We are talking about a model with a clear sports vocation, but at the same time it is very comfortable for everyday transfers. It is a conjunction that very few brands can achieve. It is a four-door sedan for five passengers, which on the outside offers a classic design. It has the well-known grill of the German brand and some Led headlights with an attractive design and a very white and clear light. Other striking elements on the exterior of the car are its brake discs and blue calipers, typical of the BMW M line. It must be said that it is not a decorative element, because the vehicle offers outstanding braking. Inside, meanwhile, sports seats upholstered with red leather, but with black details. Th...
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Driving the BMW X6: appearances can be deceiving | Digital Trends Spanish

Previous Following one of 16 Admittedly, the first impression of the BMW X6 it was negative; it looked like a vehicle without identity. Is it an SUV, a coupe, or just the X6? But as the miles roll on it, it's a self-defining model that fills many gaps in the automotive world. The X6 can be a sports car, as it has the DNA for it: a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine producing 335 horsepower and an eight-speed transmission. Add to that the Sport driving mode and all-wheel drive, you have no problem navigating the corners at high speed, with very German grip. The car can also be a utility vehicle, an off-...
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BMW M235i XDrive Gran Coupe the messi of cars | Digital Trends Spanish

Previous Following one of 14 Describe the BMW M235i 2020 in a word is easy: agile. Like Lionel Messi, he is small, skilled and fast, and can corner like his little cousin Mini Cooper. Unlike the latter, the sports coupe has more than 300 horsepower, which is sufficient for its size. Messi defines himself as a quiet guy who talks on the court, the M235i does not impress anyone, but we are sure he can speak on any racetrack, Messi delivers finesse and elegance in small size, this BMW Gran Coupe is refined with a touch of luxury reminiscent of Rosario's player in Argentina. What impressed us the most w...