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Families suing Boeing for the 737 Max crashes have been delayed a year after the pandemic closed courts

The coronavirus slowed cases against Boeing from 737 Max crash victims' families, their lawyer said. The pandemic meant new restrictions on courts, which Bob Clifford said meant limited court access. He said: "Pre-pandemic, the case might be over by now. So we're at least a year behind." LoadingSomething is loading. Legal cases brought against ...
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The FAA has ordered safety checks on all 9,300 Boeing 737 aircraft for a failure that could cause cabin oxygen levels to drop dangerously low

Airlines have been told to inspect 2 pressure switches on Boeing 737s over concerns they could fail. Their failure could mean that cabin oxygen levels fall dangerously low, the FAA said. An unnamed operator reported that the switches failed in tests on three different 737 models. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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United says that ‘100%’ of customers will be able to bring carry-on bags as part of its massive fleet upgrades

United Airlines' new aircraft interiors will have larger overhead bins that it says can accommodate every passenger's carry-on. As many as six bags can fit in the new overhead bins when placed on their sides. Gate-checking bags would be eliminated and flyers wouldn't need to crowd the gate before a flight. See more stories on Insider's business page. United Airlines plans to gut the interiors of its narrow-body Boeing and Airbus planes as part of a multi-year fleet revitalization program. Upgrades to the cabin will include installing seat-back in-flight entertainment screens, in-seat power at every seat , and LED mood lighting. On...
I flew on a 38-year-old Boeing 757 used as a ‘testbed’ and saw how it’s ushering in the next era of tech to help stop the rise in pilot error-related incidents
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I flew on a 38-year-old Boeing 757 used as a ‘testbed’ and saw how it’s ushering in the next era of tech to help stop the rise in pilot error-related incidents

A total of four aircraft were on the taxiway and thousands of lives were in jeopardy. Many potential incidents still come down to pilot error, despite massive strides in aircraft technology. ...
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Elections: the dissimilar space plans of Trump and Biden | Digital Trends Spanish

The upcoming US presidential elections will not only be important for the citizens of that country, their results may change the course of international space advances. President Donald Trump has stated that he wants to win the space race against China and for that he intends to send a mission to the Moon in 2024. He also wants to develop a defense system in space so he needs to focus US resources on the interests local. He has already advanced that in 2025 he hopes to end the financial support of the United States to the International Space Station (ISS). Joe Biden, for his part, would propose to delay the mission to the Moon and continue funding the ISS, according to the agency Reuters citing people familiar with the Democratic candidate's nascent space agenda. Postponing the lu...
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Planes Eliminate Virus Stronger Than Coronavirus | Digital Trends Spanish

If you have avoided travel for fear of contracting COVID-19, there is good news: the disinfection systems used by airplanes are effective in eliminating the new coronavirus. This was confirmed by a study by the manufacturer Boeing and researchers from the University of Arizona, who carried out tests inside an airplane without passengers. The study showed that there are practically no transmission risks from touching objects, including armrests, trays or overhead compartments, as detailed Axios. “We are not just showing that we can kill things. We are proving that it will be safer to travel tomorrow, ”said Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona. Stronger than SARS-CoV-2 Shutterstock For the study, the researchers applied the MS2 virus to 230 "high-touch hotspo...
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Boeing 747s still use 3.5 floppy disks to load data | Digital Trends Spanish

The nearly extinct 3.5-inch floppy disks are still used in Boeing 747-400 aircraft to load critical air navigation databases. This was revealed by the computer penetration testing company Pen Test Partners (PTP) during the Def Con cybersecurity fair, a congress that this 2020 was held virtually by COVID-19. During a live interview, PTP's Alex Lomas showed a video touring the interior of a disused 747-400, once owned by a UK airline. While inspecting the aircraft, the expert indicated the location where the navigation databases are loaded. "These databases have to be performed during inspections," he said, showing the floppy drive, which in normal operations is hidden behind a panel key. Pen Test Partners In accordance with The Register, there is a long list of outdated ...