Saturday, July 24


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This sinister ball tells you how you are going to die | Digital Trends Spanish

For some reason, there are people very interested in knowing how they will cease to exist. Aware of this somewhat morbid concern, a youtuber has decided to create a kind of game that answers that question. Thus was born the Tragic Fate Ball that reveals to the players the way in which, supposedly, they are going to perish. Stuart Gorman has created this device from a large 3D printed billiard ball that changes the number eight on the top for a skull, and other decorative elements. Inside the ball, the youtuber included a special plate attached to a 1.6-inch LCD screen that is permanently attached. "Ignorance is a blessing, are you sure you want to know?" He points to Gorman's toy almost as a warning. Thus, between the response messages, the ball provides some alternatives of how a pers...