Sunday, July 25

British SAS

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How British special operators defied their bosses to rescue 2 comrades captured on a secretive mission in Iraq

In September 2005, British special-operations forces in Basra faced a problem. Two of their own had been captured during an undercover operation, and their lives were in peril. In addition to hostile Iraqis, British SAS troops had to overcome reluctant commanders in order to save their comrades. LoadingSomething is loading. In September 2005, B...
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A British army email mishap publicly mentioned a military intel unit so secretive its members are banned from social media

A recent email error publicly revealed the names of British commandos, including members of the SAS's E Squadron. E Squadron is a secretive unit in the secretive world of British special operations, tasked with high-risk operations overseas. See more stories on Insider's business page. The British Ministry of Defense had an unusual security breach recently when an email containing the promotions of non-commissioned officers, some of whom serve in special-missions units, was accidentally distributed across the government.Among the regular promotions of conventional troops were the names of commandos with the Special Air Service (SAS), Special Boat Service ...