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How to convert a web page to PDF | Digital Trends Spanish

With our step-by-step guide, we will explain how to convert a web page to PDF in the main browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox) so that you can save, print, or share a web page that interests you in this format. Read on and discover how easy it is to do it. Note: These instructions are accurate for the latest versions of the respective browsers at the time of publication. Older versions might use slightly different methods, but they should be very similar. You will be interested in: How to convert a web page to PDF Desktop browsers You should know that for most computer browsers, the function To print it is the fastest and most effective method to save a web page to PDF. We know that it may seem logical to choose Save page as ..., but that option is to store the pages in a web for...
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What is Chromium? We explain it to you | Digital Trends Spanish

To know everything about Chromium and Microsoft's new browser, you first need to know that Chrome was created as part of the Chromium open source project. Funded by Google, it released a browser and operating system that everyone can test or use developing software. Today, many browsers use it as a base, including Opera and Edge, the latest version from Microsoft. Chromium also forms the backbone of Google Chrome and Chromebooks and as such is incredibly useful to user interface designers, software developers, and everyday netizens. Additionally, any software built around Chromium is instantly compatible over the internet, which may give Microsoft the opportunity to become a true competitor in the browser arena after some time in the bush. Here's how the Chromium Proj...