Tuesday, September 28


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YouTube search engine will show video chapters | Digital Trends Spanish

For some time, YouTube implemented chapters within videos as a way to segment their content. And from now on, the platform's search results will allow you to jump directly to specific chapters of a video. This is to better respond to user inquiries within YouTube. For example, if someone wants to find out how to eliminate a boss in a difficult video game and that section is marked as a chapter within a video, by clicking or clicking click in the search result the user will be sent to the exact moment that chapter begins. With this new format, you avoid entering a video and having to search within the content for the exact second where the answer to what you are looking for is. Of course, for this to work correctly, the first thing is that the content creators who upload the videos ha...
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Neeva: Would you pay to use an ad-free search engine? | Digital Trends Spanish

This is a launch that has caught the attention of many, especially because it dares to compete in a field where Google's hegemonic presence covers almost everything. Neeva is a new search engine that was launched this Wednesday, June 30. One of its most striking points is that it is a search engine that can be used by registered users who must pay a monthly fee of $ 4.95, at least from the fourth month, since the first three are free. Why pay for a search engine? It may be a question that many ask themselves, especially since, in addition to Google, there are already several that offer almost the same without a payment in between. The difference is that Neeva has no advertising, and this is one of the elements that characterizes it the most. Its objective is to put the search at the s...
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Google uses RA to celebrate Halloween | Digital Trends Spanish

This will be a different Halloween, marked by sanitary restrictions due to the coronavirus and with people spending more time at home. It is likely that we will not see so many children from house to house asking for sweets, so parents will have to figure out how to celebrate this classic celebration, but in a way that adapts to the contingency. Fortunately, several companies have launched original proposals so that the house party is not so boring. Google, for example, has just released a series of incredible effects to make ghosts, skeletons, sinister black cats and other classic Halloween figures "appear" in our own home. For this, the company has turned to Augmented Reality so that these original effects can appear in the spaces that we want using the popular search engine app ...