Monday, August 2


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Twitter wants you to know when they look for you by name | Digital Trends Spanish

Twitter is testing new privacy features, one of the most interesting is a tool that notifies users when other people have searched for their profile name. The new function allows them to choose if they want to be found in this way, with time limits. Lena Emara, Twitter product designer, has published a series of new privacy features on her account that would seek to achieve “a healthier Twitter”, offering more control to users to limit unwanted interactions. Privacy is one of those things everyone wants, but it's not a one-size-fits-all. Very early concepts in 🧵are ways I'm exploring to make Twitter healthier. These are just ideas and not being built (yet?), So your feedback is helpful! & mdash; Lena Emara (@LenaEmara) July 6, 2021 This new option allows yo...