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Google has the solution for video calls in low light | Digital Trends Spanish

The coronavirus pandemic has caused competition to tighten even more between the different companies that offer the video calling service. As a result of the confinement and the prohibition of congregating, people have opted for this form of communication to be in contact with their family members or their co-workers. One of these platforms that has gained popularity in recent times has been Google Meet. This service has just announced a new feature that will improve video calling. From now on, Meet will receive a new feature for PC users that will automatically adjust the brightness of the cameras so that it accommodates a quality at the same level as the rest of the participants on the call. According to Google, this automatic video lighting setting will be able to detect when a user...
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This is how the first Facebook smart glasses work | Digital Trends Spanish

A few months ago, Facebook announced its efforts to become a metaverse. The development of its first smart glasses in conjunction with Ray-Ban pointed in this same direction. Now, the social platform has officially launched this device. These are the Ray-Ban Stories, normal sunglasses that have a couple of built-in functions and a connection to our smartphone that make them a smart device. One of the highlights is the incorporation of two cameras, each next to a lens, which allow us to photograph and record what we are seeing. FacebookThe idea is that this content can be shared directly in Facebook applications, through stories that can last up to 30 seconds. The cameras have 5 MP sensors, as well as built-in speakers and microphones that allow you to make calls without having to pick ...
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Oppo presents its new progressive optical zoom | Digital Trends Spanish

Oppo has taken advantage of a special event to present some of the main innovations in the cameras of its devices. One of the biggest announcements is a telephoto lens with continuous optical zoom. The company's engineers have succeeded in developing this new progressive optical zoom with an equivalent focal length of 85-200mm. Oppo explains that one of the keys to this progressive optical zoom is that two of the lenses that intervene in the optics are high-precision elements, which can minimize light scattering. An optical stabilization system has also been implemented that manages to more effectively compensate for vibrations, according to what the firm has indicated. OppoOne of the main advantages this progressive optical zoom offers is that it should be able to deliver very high im...
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Xiaomi announces Mix 4, its under-screen camera phone | Digital Trends Spanish

Xiaomi announces the Mix 4, the first phone in the Mi Mix series to be announced in almost three years. In this device you can finally see a selfie camera under the screen, a technology that the company has been working on for a long time. The company calls this technology CUP, or Camera Under Panel, and it would be very similar to the selfie cameras under the screen that we have seen in other firms. The Mix 4's screen has a 400ppi area that lets light through to the selfie camera. According to Xiaomi, it is "practically invisible". XiaomiThe camera is 20 megapixels and the screen is a 6.67-inch curved OLED panel at 120Hz and 1080p. According to the Asian firm, CUP is "a technology iterated through three great generations, five years, sixty patents, an investment of 77 million dollars...
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The iPhone 13 camera will have a portrait mode for video | Digital Trends Spanish

Little by little we are learning more details about Apple's new smartphone that, everything indicates, should be called iPhone 13. Now an article by Bloomberg, points out that some of the main improvements of the new device will go through its cameras. According to the preview, the new iPhone 13 will focus these camera improvements on the more professional audience. In this way, they could incorporate ProRes video recording support in addition to a portrait mode in videos. If the rumor is true, the device will be able to automatically blur the backgrounds of the recordings as part of this new portrait mode. As anticipated, this cinematic video feature is one of the three main features of the new phone's camera. The other two would be support for ProRes video recording and new photo ed...
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How to use any camera as a webcam | Digital Trends Spanish

Cameras, including those on phones, boast megapixels and lens specs, but not so much on laptops. There's a reason computer companies don't say much about the webcams that come built into their display bezels: Most of them are low-quality, with tiny sensors and cheap lenses. Sure, they work for basic video conferencing, but they're not very impressive and they certainly leave us wanting something more. Next, we explain how to use any camera as a webcam (or at least almost all). While you could buy a standalone webcam to connect via USB, you can also opt for a DSLR or mirrorless camera. You'll need a few things for these types of cameras to be recognized as a webcam by your computer, but the effort is worth it for the higher resolution, the best low-light performance, and the cin...