Tuesday, September 28


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Spotify launches its new Blend feature for all users | Digital Trends Spanish

Spotify has officially launched Blend, its shared playlist feature. Although this tool had already been presented through its beta phase, it is now available to all users. This feature allows two people to combine their favorite songs into a shared playlist and uses the same music mixing technology from other multi-person playlists such as Family Mix and Duo Mix from the same platform. The good news is that with Blend, any Spotify user, whether in its free or premium version, will be able to mix their musical tastes with those of a friend. The company has also explained that those who create a Blend will get something called a "taste match score," which shows how similar or different music preferences can be. After creating the mix for the first time, the match score appears as a perce...
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Here we explain how to download songs from SoundCloud | Digital Trends Spanish

How annoying it is when our internet connection runs slow and doesn't let the streaming of our favorite music sounds like it should, ruining the moment completely. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it. To avoid surprises, problems of high network traffic and to continue accessing the best content on SoundCloud without having to cancel the party due to a technical difficulty, it will be useful to know how to download songs from SoundCloud and enjoy the best music (without advertising). It will interest you There are two ways to download songs from SoundCloud: you can look for the little download icon in the lower-left corner of the track you're listening to, or you can run the URL through an online extractor. Let's take a closer look at both methods,...
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Now you can add songs to your videos on Snapchat | Digital Trends Spanish

TikTok is, by far, the application that has grown the most in the number of downloads in recent times, mainly among teenage users around the world. Already in April, the Chinese social network had exceeded 2 billion downloads. And it goes for more. Such is the success of the app that, platforms like Instagram, have revealed that they are developing similes (Reels) that compete and take away TikTok's audience. This Monday, August 3, it was Snapchat's turn. The Verge He informed that the application, of American origin, will allow its users to add music to the videos they record. Snapchat has already added this feature in New Zealand and Australia and hopes to launch the tool this fall for all English-speaking audiences. A Snap spokesperson noted that this update was des...