Sunday, September 19

Capacidad de almacenamiento de WhatsApp

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How to free up storage space on WhatsApp | Digital Trends Spanish

Do your WhatsApp contacts usually send you memes and videos? Then, it is possible that without realizing it the multimedia files are occupying an important part of the capacity of your mobile device. If you know how to free up storage space on WhatsApp, you can verify it on your own. You will be interested in: If the capacity of your device reaches very low levels, it is possible that the messaging application does not work correctly, so sometimes even WhatsApp itself may ask you to free up storage. However, if you do not want to reach that scenario, we will explain how to verify the space that WhatsApp and multimedia files occupy on your device. How to check storage in WhatsApp If you need to check how much space WhatsApp, the multimedia elements and even each of the chats occupy, y...