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Marvel vs. Capcom 2 could return remastered | Digital Trends Spanish

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is one of the games of the saga of fights type crossover most remembered by fans. And there is a chance that said title is back, in the form of a remastering. This remastering is being promoted by the Digital Eclipse studio, which already have experience in this work because in 2009 they were responsible for the version of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. According to Mike Mika, one of the heads of Digital Eclipse, a dialogue involving three parties has already begun: themselves as the studio, plus Capcom and Disney. Talking with Gamer Hub TV, Mika explained that it all started as a social media campaign by fans and that the studio has tried to scale. "I know that both Disney and Capcom have already heard the message," said Mike Mika, "so we ha...
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Resident Evil herbs are real and you can buy them | Digital Trends Spanish

Who have played any Resident Evil, Whether old or new, they will know that herbs are an important element: they allow you to recover the poor health of the game. Well, Capcom has decided that these herbs should be more than just a digital object and therefore they have begun to sell them on its official site in Japan. The herbs of resident Evil They cost 550 yen (roughly $ 5 equivalent) and come in red and green varieties. However, these herbs do not make you feel better, nor do they have the effect of an aspirin because they are actually bath salts. Technically, it is as if the herbs had ground them and changed their usefulness, but beyond that, it is an interesting and novel object for fans of the series, who will surely buy them for two reasons: first, because they are very cheap a...
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This is the last fighter to join Street Fighter V | Digital Trends Spanish

When it was launched there in the distant 2016. Street fighter v it didn't get off to a very auspicious start. Five years later, his status It is something different thanks to the content that Capcom has added over time and a proof of this is Luke, the new character that joins the cast of the game for a total of 45 fighters. Luke will be the last character added to Street fighter v And it will be available from next November, for a price of $ 6 dollars or 100,000 Fight Money, the in-game currency that can be obtained by playing (and winning) a lot. Visually, Luke doesn't seem like the most inspired design Capcom has ever made, but quite the opposite: he looks like a somewhat generic white character, like a cross between Guile and Logan Paul (yes, the youtuber himself). Now, perhaps t...
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A strange educational Street Fighter anime comes to light | Digital Trends Spanish

There are some works of anime that have gone unnoticed by many in the West, such as the film of Super Mario Bros. which is being restored to 4K. Or like this educational movie from Street Fighter, that thanks to the contribution of a dedicated person is now becoming known in the West. The movie is called Street Fighter II: Return to the Fujiwara Capital and it was published in 1995 at an event to honor Fujiwara, a city that was the first capital of Japan. In the film, some of the most famous fighters of Street fighter They go back in time and tour Fujiwara, which also serves as an excuse to remember the importance of the city. This movie never made it out of Japan, for almost obvious reasons; in the long run, it was a material designed by and for the Japanese. Hence, it remained hi...
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Resident Evil and Devil May Cry study admits cyberattack | Digital Trends Spanish

The video game company Capcom has admitted to having suffered a cyber attack, which has affected access to some of its internal systems. Capcom reported that the attack was recorded on November 2, 2020, which has prevented access to the company's email and files. The Japanese study indicated in a release that so far "there are no indications" that their customers' information has been violated, according to Portaltic. "This incident has not affected the connections to play the company's online games or access to its various websites," the firm added. Of Japanese origin, Capcom has subsidiaries in the United States and Europe. Among his most popular titles are Street fighter, which rose to popularity in the 1980s and 1990s through arcade machines, and the action series Devil May Cr...
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Meet the new Street Fighter V DLC characters | Digital Trends Spanish

Capcom announced this Wednesday, August 5 the new characters that the Street Fighter V DLC will have (downloadable content) and that will be newly available from the boreal autumn of 2021. For now, the Japanese company only released four characters, and a fifth is expected to be recently released for the game released in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC. Who are the new characters in Street Fighter V DLC The first character is Dan Hibiki, the arrogant fool who made his first appearance in Street Fighter Alpha. In this game you have the ability to show your personality more than ever. Dan is planned to be released this last quarter before the end of 2020. The second character is another newcomer alpha, Rose. Rose was selected because of her ability to use unique moveme...