Tuesday, July 27


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This is what Apple’s new MagSafe battery looks like for the iPhone 12 | Digital Trends Spanish

The new MagSafe battery designed for the iPhone 12 was announced only a few days ago, and as planned, it would reach users by the end of this week. However, one of them managed to access the charger earlier than expected. Via Reddit, the lucky guy in question, Steven Russell, revealed a photo with Apple's new battery pack attached to his iPhone 12 Pro. After much speculation and reference photos, this is what it looks like in real life: Along with the photo, Russell mentioned that he was able to get the charger from an Apple store in Memphis, Tennessee, last weekend. However, in the online store It appears from the company that the MagSafe battery is not available for pickup at any location, and virtual orders are scheduled to ship in late July. Russel also took advantage of the insta...
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Hyperjuice GaN 100W: the only charger you will need | Digital Trends Spanish

We all have a drawer full of cables and chargers somewhere in our home. And sometimes when you leave home or go on the road, your arsenal of chargers becomes a bummer: you need one for each device. We have good news: you can forget about that with the little and powerful 100W Hyperjuice. This charger, product of a crowdfunding in Indiegogo and KickstarterIt is the first 100W charger and it will be the only one you will need in your digital life. No longer will you have to imagine charging a device the size of a credit card with two USB-C and two USB-A ports: it is now reliability. This is possible thanks to GaN (gallium nitride) technology, a semiconductor that makes it possible to obtain this high load capacity in such a small size. Our editor-in-chief, Juan García, has been...