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Moroccan invented technique to charge a Tesla in 10 minutes | Digital Trends Spanish

His name is Rachid Yazami and is a Moroccan scientist and inventor who has the milestone of being the creator of lithium-ion batteries, which allow mobility to electric cars. Graduated from the Grenoble Institute of Technology in 1978, this doctor from the African country is working on a technique that would allow an electric car to be charged in less than 10 minutes. A few weeks ago, he surprised the scientific community by announcing that he has a prototype charger that could get a Tesla ready in the time it takes to heat up some noodles in a pot. “We broke a new world record a few weeks ago by charging an electric car battery in just 10 minutes. I hope that Morocco will be successful in the development and commercialization of ultra-fast chargers ”. The creator of the graphite anod...
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All about charging via USB Type C on laptops | Digital Trends Spanish

There is no doubt that the acronym USB-C marked a before and after in the world of electronic devices. Thanks to these types of connections, with which you can transfer files and charge devices, modern laptops no longer need a power adapter in the form of a large block. However, there are a few precautions you should take when charging via USB-C. Here's what you need to know about USB Type-C charging on laptops. Charging via USB and laptops Maurizio Pesce / Flickr You have probably already used the USB ports by charging small devices from your computer or an electrical outlet. That works well because the previous USB connections had enough power to successfully power those smaller batteries. Earlier versions of USB could handle a limited amount of power, which is why laptop cha...
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Samsung would also do without chargers in the Galaxy S21 | Digital Trends Spanish

Korean manufacturer Samsung had mocked from rival Apple for not including chargers or headphones alongside the newly released family of iPhone 12 phones. However, as the old adage goes: he who laughs last laughs best. As reported by the Korean media ChosunBiz, through Gizmodo in spanish, Samsung's Galaxy S21 family -which will be launched in January 2021- would not come from the factory with headphones or charger either. “Beyond the similarity of functions and designs of the Galaxy and the iPhone, they also have a great influence on the launch policy. Samsung Electronics is expected to adopt Apple's green packaging policy, ”said a market source quoted by ChosunBiz. Samsung currently provides basic wired earbuds and chargers in the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 series bundles. Lowe...