Tuesday, September 28


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3D-printed eco-friendly alternative to Wagyu meat | Digital Trends Spanish

A team of scientists from the University of Osaka in Japan has managed to 3D print a lab-grown steak that they say looks a lot like Wagyu beef. According to the researchers, it would be a sustainable and ecological alternative to imitate this traditional meat, known throughout the world. The team in charge harvested two types of stem cells from Wagyu cows, incubated them, and then turned them into muscle, fat and blood vessel cells. Thus, the end product is a three-dimensional, five-by-ten-millimeter stack of a high-fat fillet that has a structure similar to that of Wagyu meat. "Using the histological structure of Wagyu meat as a model, we have developed a 3D printing method that can produce complex custom structures such as muscle fibers, fat and blood vessels," lead author Dong- Hee K...