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Germany could block access to popular pornography website | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the largest pornography websites in the world could be blocked in Germany due to the lack of a mechanism to prevent access by minors, according to reports Wired. Although it has not officially confirmed the name of the site in question, the report indicates that it is xHamster. And the measure would be ready to be executed, by order of the Commission for the Protection of Minors (KJM for its acronym in German), a government body in Germany. This measure, of course, is given as a consequence of actions that began in 2019. The KJM had requested four websites (Pornhub, MyDirtyHobby and Youporn, in addition to xHamster) to implement an age verification portal, in order to prevent minors from have access to adult content; Of the three sites mentioned, xHamster is said to have never ...
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Alleged racist censorship fuels controversy on Instagram | Digital Trends Spanish

Hundreds of users shared images of the Afro-descendant model Nyome Nicholas-Williams after Instagram censored the photographer's work Alexandra cameron, in a new episode of alleged racial bias on the platform. A few hours after the original publication, the Facebook subsidiary deleted the record and warned the professional that her account could be closed, reported The Guardian. “Every day we see millions of photos of skinny white women naked on Instagram. But is a fat black woman who celebrates her body forbidden? It was shocking to me. I feel like they are silencing me, ”Cameron protested. She added: “I have posted photos of many women, white women, who had (less) clothes than Nyome and who were never reported or removed. This was the first time it happened to me,...
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These are the words that Google censored its employees | Digital Trends Spanish

Google would be asking its employees to remove some words in their communications in order to avoid further fines from antitrust agencies. The Mashup site released memos, dating back to August 2019, with lists of curse words. In one of the documents revealed, and which echoes Gizmodo, it can be read: "think that all the documents that you generate, including the electronic mail, can be seen by the regulators". And he adds: “We don't want to 'smash', 'kill', 'hurt', 'block' or do anything else that is perceived as evil or unfair (Microsoft got into trouble when one of its employees threatened to 'cut off the supply Netscape Airflow ') ”. Apparently, smothering the competition, at least metaphorically, is something that is not within the vocabulary guidelines that Google ...
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Facebook deleted video posted by Donald Trump | Digital Trends Spanish

Facebook first deleted a video related to false information about the coronavirus from Donald Trump's account on his platform. The President of the United States uploaded a Fox News publication saying that the children were almost immune to COVID-19. "This video includes false claims that a group of people are immune to COVID-19, which is a violation of our policies on harmful COVID misinformation," said Andy Stone, Facebook policy spokesman. A link to the publication now you are diverted to a page that says: "This content is not available at this time." In June Facebook had already deleted a post by Donald Trump, but this time it was a Nazi symbol that was used to mark prisoners in World War II. Getty Images / Digital Trends Graphic Instagram posts favored Trump over...