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central nuclear

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Snakes help measure radiation in Fukushima | Digital Trends Spanish

A study shows that snakes living in the Fukushima exclusion zone could be useful for measuring radiation levels, a result of the meltdown disaster at the plant's nuclear power plant in 2011. The researchers believe that the snakes could serve as a kind of live monitors of these levels, aided by GPS and VHF tags. The species chosen for this mission is the rat snake, which is abundant in Japan and usually travels short distances and accumulates high levels of radionuclides. "Snakes are good indicators of environmental pollution because they spend a lot of time in and on the ground," says study author James C. Beasley. Hanna Gerke."They have small ranges, are large predators in most ecosystems, and tend to be relatively long-lived species." The team managed to capture nine of these snakes ...
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Russia wants to install a nuclear power plant on Mars | Digital Trends Spanish

China and Russia are making a big splash in space exploration, particularly Mars research. The Asian giant, in fact, already has an explorer vehicle traveling the Martian surface. Now, the Russians have expressed their desire to build a nuclear power plant on the planet as a way to ensure the presence of humans there. This innovative project has been proposed by a subsidiary of the Russian space agency Roscosmos. According to the state news agency Sputnik, the nuclear power plant would be destined to power a future Russian base on the Red Planet. Those behind this idea hope to use the same technology destined for Zeus, an interplanetary space tug project, to also power the nuclear reactor on the Martian surface. JPL-Caltech / NASARussia's Arsenals Design Bureau wants to use the tugboa...