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UEFA Champions League: when and where to watch Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich | Digital Trends Spanish

A match with the flavor of revenge is the one between Barcelona and Bayern Munich, in which it is envisioned as the most attractive duel at the start of the group stage of the 2021/2022 UEFA Champions League. To clarify the panorama, we tell you when and where to see Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich. You will be interested in: Barcelona wants to forget the 2-8 that the German cast gave it a little over a year ago, on that fateful August 14, 2020 and which meant its elimination in the round of 16 of the 2019/2020 UEFA Champions League. Submerged in a severe financial crisis, the Catalan club comes to this match with the challenge of trying to overcome the departure of who for more than a decade was its main idol and figure, the Argentine Lionel Messi, who emigrated to Paris Saint-Germain in...
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The scientific techniques that champion Lewandowski occupies | Digital Trends Spanish

Sunday 23 August 2020 will be another date more than the Polish striker Robert Lewandowski He will treasure in his professional trophy cabinet, as he slept as UEFA Champions League champion at night after Bayern Munich's 1-0 win over PSG in Lisbon. And the 32-year-old striker born in Warsaw is one of the figures of the Bavarian cast, showing off his technical qualities and physical power. To do this, Lewandowski uses two scientific techniques that he says work well in his game-by-game performance. A note published in the preview of the Champions League final by The Guardian tells them: Start all meals for dessert Sleep resting your head on the left side. How much myth and truth is there in Lewandowski's techniques? Regarding eating a sweet food before lunch, research from th...
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The Champions are back! We tell you when, how and where to watch the matches | Digital Trends Spanish

2020 will definitely go down in history as the year in which - from one moment to another in the first half of March - everything came to a halt, later taking months to return to a new normal that, so new, It has little to do with what we lived before. Even El Balon, Deporte Rey, football and all its leagues stopped at the time, including the most attractive of each year –with the exception of the World Cups–: the Champions League itself, and right in the middle of the round of 16. On March 11, PSG vs. Borussia Dortmund in the Parc des Princes (with a victory for the locals by 2 to 0), and just today, almost five months later, the round He will once again tour European stadiums without an audience and with a hectic schedule, since in a little over two weeks (next August 23) we wi...