Tuesday, July 27

Child tax credit

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Sherrod Brown called Janet Yellen, anxious that poor families may be shut out of’Social Security for kids.’ He’s not the only worried Democrat.

Senate Democrats are pressuring Treasury and the IRS to fix the portal for low-income families to get child tax credit cash. Sen. Sherrod Brown called Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Wednesday, he told Insider. Other Democrats are demanding the IRS move quickly to ensure non-tax filers can get monthly payments. LoadingSomething is loading. S...
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Biden’s child tax credit checks will boost spending by as much as $200 billion, analysts say, with Amazon, Walmart, and Papa Johns set for big wins

US consumer firms could see a $200 billion boost thanks to child tax credits, Cowen analysts say. Around 39 million households will start receiving up to $300 in monthly checks this Thursday. Stores targeted at lower and middle-income shoppers will see the biggest sales boost, they said. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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Joe Manchin indicated he would cut a Democratic-only infrastructure plan to $2 trillion so it doesn’t grow the national debt

Manchin said Sunday he would support a $2 trillion Democratic-only infrastructure plan. Senate Democrats are weighing up to $6 trillion in new spending, and Manchin may derail their ambitions. "I do not want to add more debt on," Manchin said on ABC's "This Week." LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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Joe Manchin balks at backing $6 trillion in infrastructure spending sought by Bernie Sanders, Senate Democrats

Joe Manchin balked at the $6 trillion price-tag of an economic package proposed by Bernie Sanders. "I have a hard time swallowing that," he told reporters on Capitol Hill on Thursday. Democrats are trying to pass a larger economic package that ticks off parts of Biden's agenda. LoadingSomething is loading. ...