Monday, September 27

Chuck Berry

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Study: The harmonic surprise is key in a musical hit | Digital Trends Spanish

In May 2018, Childish Gambino (actor Donald Glover's musical alter ego) released This is America, a political hip hop and trap single that immediately gained a lot of popularity; it even got a Grammy for best song of the year. The piece of music includes abrupt and sudden changes between its choral melodies and also has dark percussion elements that come from the trap subgenre. In this way, it goes from a pleasant gospel chorus to a section with a more threatening atmosphere from one moment to the next, causing the song to constantly challenge the listener's expectations. That is why This is America, besides being one of the hits Most listened to, it tops the list of songs that include a “harmonic surprise” in their composition, or points at which the music deviates from listeners' ex...