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This is how the FBI captured the most famous hacker in history | Digital Trends Spanish

When he was young, Kevin Mitnick developed an ingenious method of free bus travel in Los Angeles. He realized that the banknotes had a particular shape in which they were perforated and decided to imitate it, preparing his own cards with holes. "To my mother it seemed ingenious, to my father it seemed a show of initiative and to the bus drivers who knew that I chopped my own transfer tickets it seemed a very funny thing," he says in one of his autobiographical books, Mitnick, considered one of the most famous hackers in history. That naive act may have marked a successful career outwitting systems. Later, Mitnick, who was born on August 6, 1963 (today he is on his birthday), focused on social engineering, a practice that allowed him to obtain information from all kinds of systems by ma...
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This simple step can foil hackers’ plans | Digital Trends Spanish

We are all exposed to the attack of cybercriminals, therefore, it is essential to follow the advice of experts to prevent our data from being stolen from the different devices we use. The US National Security Agency published a list of "good practices" for keeping mobile devices safe. One of the most important and probably the simplest recommendations is to restart your smartphone every week, in order to stop hacking attempts. "Regularly rebooting phones will not stop the army of cybercriminals and spy companies for hire that have sown chaos and doubts about the ability to keep any information secure and private in our digital lives," he says. an article from ABC 10 News. "But it can make even the most sophisticated hackers work harder to maintain access and steal data from a phone." Ne...
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Hackers publish data on hundreds of psychiatric patients | Digital Trends Spanish

According to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), about one in five Finnish inhabitants suffers from psychological problems. It is one of the countries most affected in Europe by mental illness. For this reason, the cyber attack on the private company Vastaamo, which runs 25 psychological therapy centers throughout the country, caused such a stir. In this action, a group of cybercriminals threatened thousands of patients at these centers with disclosing private and sensitive information about the conversations they had with their therapists. The attackers would have managed to steal a large number of confidential files that they threatened to disclose if each affected patient did not pay them about $ 230 in bitcoin. According to official infor...
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Solidarity hackers donate to NGOs what was stolen from large companies | Digital Trends Spanish

"Make the world a better place." That is the explanation offered by a group of hackers who in recent days have made news for solidarity actions that are not typical of this time. Hackers have carried out a series of robberies from large companies through attacks of the type ransomware and they have donated the loot to various charities. The group, known as Darkside has published the receipts for ten thousand dollars in Bitcoin donations made to two NGOs. The groups that have benefited have been Children International, which supports families and communities in Africa, and The Water Project, which works to improve access to safe drinking water in sub-Saharan Africa. “We believe that it is fair that part of the money from the companies goes to charity. No matter how bad you think o...