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Cifrado de extremo a extremo

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WhatsApp messages might not be so private | Digital Trends Spanish

When using WhatsApp, we are informed that all messages that are shared in the application are end-to-end encrypted, so they would be private. In fact, a message is displayed as a guarantee, stating that "no one outside of this chat, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them." However, an extensive report published in ProPublica warns that this is not so. The article explains that Facebook moderators (owner of WhatsApp) can examine messages, images and videos, when they have been reported or reported. When a person uses the report function, the message is automatically forwarded to Facebook. This is the same as when a message is manually forwarded, so at that point the message is no longer encrypted. Thus, when submitting a complaint report, a new end-to-end encrypted message is cr...
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Facebook Adds Encryption to Messenger Video Calls | Digital Trends Spanish

From now on, calls made through Facebook Messenger will be much more secure, thanks to the fact that the platform has added support for end-to-end encryption. This feature can be activated by the users themselves and will be applied to both voice and video calls. In practice, this means that no one will be able to access the content of the calls, except for the sender and receiver. Not even the Facebook folks themselves. According to Facebook, there has been an increase in calls made through the application, reaching 150 million per day. But Facebook will not be left alone there in security matters. The company ensures that, in a short time, end-to-end encryption will also be applied to group voice and video calls. And in addition, some tests of the same type of encryption for direct...
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Features you’ll lose with the more secure encryption from Zoom | Digital Trends Spanish

Aiming to strengthen security for free and paid users, the Zoom video calling platform announced the implementation of end-to-end encryption (E2EE). Measure will protect meetings so that only participants can access their content, although it will also mean giving access to some functions. Encryption is available for Mac, PC, iOS and Android apps, as well as the Zoom Rooms service, the company said. Only users of the web application or other companies that use the Zoom SDK will not have access to this encryption. The implementation of the E2EE is in a preliminary phase, so the company will collect user feedback for 30 days to implement improvements. When E2EE is enabled, it is possible to verify that it is working with a green shield located in the upper left part of a meeting wind...
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Telegram strengthens security in video calls | Digital Trends Spanish

The constant security and privacy issues that Zoom has had during the coronavirus pandemic has put into question the convenience of using video calls as a way to communicate. That is why what was announced by Telegram gives users a little hope. The messaging application reported that it will have end-to-end encryption in its video chats. Right now, the feature will be available in alpha mode in your Android app, while iOS users will have to wait a bit. One of the downsides to its closest competitor WhatsApp is that it won't allow group video calls for now, although it plans to run them in the coming months. On encryption, Telegram states that, “the Telegram voice and video call library uses an optimized version of MTProto 2.0 to send and receive packets, consisting of...