Tuesday, September 28

Ciudad de México

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Google asks for collaboration to map food stalls in Mexico | Digital Trends Spanish

DT en Español could receive a commission if you buy a product from the site Surely in the place where you live there is a food establishment that you consider "a jewel", especially because of the delicious flavor that you find in its preparations. Do you want other diners to know about it? Maybe it's time to put it on the map. Google asks for the collaboration of people to map out the food stalls. You may also like: In collaboration with Baruch Sanginés, a specialist in demography and cartography, the company invites Google Maps users from Mexico City and the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Valley of Mexico to share their findings about food stalls in their communities. Cavan Images"It does not matter if you are fond of barbecue, carnitas, quesadillas, tamal...
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Why did the sky light up during the earthquake in Mexico? | Digital Trends Spanish

A violent 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico City and several nearby towns on the night of this Tuesday, September 7. The earthquake would have occurred 11 kilometers southwest of Acapulco, Guerrero, southeastern Mexico, according to the National Seismological Survey and, so far, one fatality has been registered. In social networks there are many videos that show panic among people and despair when trying to find shelter against the strong movement. Another thing that has attracted attention in the records has been the great variety of lights of different colors that illuminated the night sky of the Mexican capital during the earthquake. Many were surprised by this effect, since it is about red, blue and green lights that could be observed in different parts of the sky that covers t...
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Facebook assures that it transferred Afghan citizens to Mexico | Digital Trends Spanish

In an article published by Axios, Facebook reported that it would have helped to transfer 175 Afghan citizens from Afghanistan to Mexico, after the Taliban seized power. According to the statement delivered to the site, among the people mobilized there would be some of the company's employees. For their part, Mexican authorities have confirmed that the flight was carrying independent journalists and activists along with their families, including 75 children. "In the process of helping Facebook employees and close associates leave Afghanistan, we joined an effort to help a group of journalists and their families who were in grave danger," said a spokesperson for the social network. “Thanks to the leadership of the Mexican Government and the support of the United Arab Emirates to provide ...
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Thousands of Mammoth Bones Found Under a Mexican Airport | Digital Trends Spanish

The future Mexico City airport, which is being built in the town of Santa Lucía, has not only brought headaches to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, it is also a rich site of prehistoric animal remains. This Monday, August 31, the agency Efe reported that skeletons of mammoths, camels, horses, bison and possibly saber-toothed tigers have been found at the site, making it the most important paleontological discovery in Latin America, due to the number and concentration of individuals. Only in the case of mammoths there is already an inventory of 8,000 bones. In fact, there is an almost complete skeleton of an adult mammoth. "We never dream of a project of this magnitude, it is a challenge and it is a happiness because these opportunities are seldom had," Rubén Manz...