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This happens when 15 buildings collapse at the same time | Digital Trends Spanish

When controlled and well planned, building collapses are always an event that everyone wants to watch. Therefore, the simultaneous collapse of 15 buildings in China attracted the attention of the media and the general public. It happened in the city of Kunming, which witnessed fifteen skyscrapers ending on the ground amidst powerful roars and an impressive cloud of dust. The disgraced one was a major residential complex whose construction began in 2011. However, the company in charge went bankrupt two years later, so the project could never be completed. Due to this, the local authorities decided that the complex had to be demolished, so that the place would be occupied by other buildings. Preparations for the landslides spanned several days and included evicting people living near the ...
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Canon printed the longest photograph in history | Digital Trends Spanish

Canon photographic company just made history by digitally printing the world's longest photograph. Thanks to this image, which measures exactly 109.04 meters in length, the company has set the Guinness record in this matter. The image, which has a length equivalent to a large building or tower, could be printed thanks to the sophisticated Image Prograf PRO-6100 printer, owned by the same company. The milestone was held on the famous Schattnesbergschanze ski jumping hill in the German municipality of Oberstdorf. The uninterrupted process took 16 hours and was carried out under extreme conditions that included low temperatures, rain and snow. The image shows the photo printing process. Canyon. The historic photograph shows different citizens, landscapes and images from the history of...
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Do you want to know where your city was in the Jurassic era? | Digital Trends Spanish

The Earth changed a lot in its geological structure from 750 million years to the present, since the formation of the continents and their separation draws a very different map. And an American paleontologist named Ian Webster made an interactive globe that allows you to locate the location of any city or town in the world in the Jurassic era. But also the simulation allows to see where is the place of your residence in the era of the first multicellular beings, the nascent vertebrates, and the first hominids. In an interview with CNN, Webster commented the following about his 3D map: “It shows that our environment is dynamic and can change. Earth's history is longer than we can conceive, and the current arrangement of tectonic plates and continents is an accident of ti...