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Clubhouse: four keys to a successful debut on this social network | Digital Trends Spanish

Club House it has some live podcasts, a TED talk, and an academic conference. And best of all, the audio-only social network is now available to any user, after debuting in 2020 on iPhones and mid-2021 on Android devices. The question that surely circulates is what is special and what are the keys to debut in Clubhouse. You will be interested in: The social network can be quite addictive, at least in the first weeks of use. With numerous rooms to discover or interesting discussion topics, you can be hooked in no time. And although it is possible to use it as a background audio, we suggest you take the necessary measures to give it a reasonable use, perhaps establishing limits or some of these options to improve concentration. What is and how does Clubhouse work? GettyimagesClubhouse...
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Clubhouse no longer requires an invite, ditching the exclusive’club’ identity it was founded on

Clubhouse no longer requires an invite. New users will be gradually added to the app from the waitlist, which served as a technical fix for the app's beta. The opening follows a slide in user downloads and an android rollout earlier this year. LoadingSomething is loading. Clubhouse is opening up membership to new users without needing an invite...
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Clubhouse is out of beta and is now open to all | Digital Trends Spanish

Finally, the day came when you don't need an invitation to enter the Clubhouse. The application has finished its beta phase, so there are no longer waiting lists or anything like that: anyone can create an account and start using the audio rooms without restrictions. This release comes just a year later since Clubhouse started as a beta limited to very few users. In a post in the official blog, the creators of the social network say that this is a new chapter in the life of Clubhouse, completed with the recent launch of instant messaging within the application itself. According to the company, since the Android launch last May, the number of users has increased by 10 million. And people spend more than an hour on average inside the Clubhouse, not only listening to what others have to...
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Twitter recognizes its failure and decides to close Fleets | Digital Trends Spanish

After eight months in operation, Twitter decided to close Fleets, your Instagram-style stories project. This function, which will remain active until the beginning of August, allows you to share publications with temporary visibility. Of course, the decision of the social network is justified by the fact that Fleets did not have the expected reception, much less helped to compete with Instagram. “We were hoping that Fleets would help more people feel comfortable joining the conversation on Twitter. But, since we introduced Fleets to the world, we have not seen an increase in the number of people joining these conversations as we expected, ”explained Ilya Brown, vice president of product at Twitter. TwitterNow, the section that was previously occupied by Fleets will be used by Spaces, ...
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Facebook launches Live Audio Rooms in the United States | Digital Trends Spanish

Facebook has officially launched its new Live Audio Rooms feature in the United States. The company has announced that some public figures in addition to certain groups can begin to organize audio rooms through its application for iOS. According to the company, anyone can be invited as a speaker and up to 50 people can speak at a time. There is no limit on the number of listeners allowed, which is an advance over the Clubhouse, which imposes limitations on the size of the rooms. Other functions have also been incorporated, such as notifications when friends or followers join a room, in addition to live captions. There will be a special button to "raise your hand" and request to join a conversation. Reactions will also be available to interact throughout the chat. Inside groups, admin...