Friday, September 17

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Alibaba-backed startup Xpeng shows off its flying car | Digital Trends Spanish

The startup China Xpeng, which is financially backed by Alibaba, a company dedicated to e-commerce on the internet, revealed the first of a series of flying electric vehicles during the Beijing Auto Show in China. One of the goals of the electric car manufacturer is precisely to invest in flying vehicle technology. More like a drone, the device has eight propellers and a capsule-shaped frame, in addition to having the capacity for two passengers and is designed for low altitudes, from 5 to 25 meters. CNBC In a statement, the startup China reported that the flying unit is part of Xpeng's long-term research and development. At the moment, the project is in a concept phase. "This is a long-term R&D exploration for us to really think about mobility in a broader context," s...