Tuesday, September 28

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Toy Rocket Celebrates Blue Origin’s New Shepard | Digital Trends Spanish

Blue Origin is one of the most relevant players in the narrow space race, where other companies such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic also compete. Jeff Bezos's company experienced a historic episode a month ago when he made his first manned trip aboard the New Shepard to the edge of space, which became a milestone for the signing of the former Amazon CEO. As a way to celebrate this fact, the Estes Rockets just launched a small toy rocket that mimics the main Blue Origin spacecraft. It is a 1/66 scale model of the New Shepard rocket that has been launched at a price of $ 69. Although it is not yet available for purchase, it can be reserved. Estes Rockets.The company has also released a more expensive version, including a single-use launch pad, controller, and motor package, priced at $ 10...