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The first rocket launched by Firefly ends in explosion | Digital Trends Spanish

The Alpha rocket, from launch company Firefly Space, exploded mid-flight a few seconds after lift-off. In this way, the first test launch of the rocket ended in failure, as expressed by the manufacturer itself. “During the ascent of the first stage, the Alpha experienced an anomaly that resulted in the loss of the vehicle. As we gather more information, additional details will be provided ”, the company reported on its Twitter account. Firefly Space.According to those in charge, the rocket shut down when it began to deviate from its course just after reaching supersonic speeds. The company also added that it is working with regulatory bodies to determine what were the causes of this failure. According to a report by Spaceflight Now, the rocket exploded about 2.5 minutes after launch, w...
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This was the unsuccessful launch of the Astra rocket | Digital Trends Spanish

Astra Space's first rocket launch was far from the Californian company's expectations. This was due to the failure of an engine just a second after launch, causing the device to fall to its side before trying to reach orbit. Subsequently, the flight safety team shut down the engines at 2 minutes and 28 seconds of flight after a piece of the rocket detached. “One of the five main engines shut down less than a second after takeoff, causing the vehicle to slowly lift off the platform before resuming its trajectory. After approximately two minutes and 30 seconds of flight, an order was issued to shut down all engines, ending the flight. The vehicle reached an altitude of approximately 50 kilometers before returning safely to Earth, ”the company said in a statement. Reviewing flight data ...
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Toy Rocket Celebrates Blue Origin’s New Shepard | Digital Trends Spanish

Blue Origin is one of the most relevant players in the narrow space race, where other companies such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic also compete. Jeff Bezos's company experienced a historic episode a month ago when he made his first manned trip aboard the New Shepard to the edge of space, which became a milestone for the signing of the former Amazon CEO. As a way to celebrate this fact, the Estes Rockets just launched a small toy rocket that mimics the main Blue Origin spacecraft. It is a 1/66 scale model of the New Shepard rocket that has been launched at a price of $ 69. Although it is not yet available for purchase, it can be reserved. Estes Rockets.The company has also released a more expensive version, including a single-use launch pad, controller, and motor package, priced at $ 10...
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Super Heavy: SpaceX shows its largest and most powerful rocket | Digital Trends Spanish

This Monday, August 2, the SpaceX team deployed to Starbase, Texas, managed to assemble the 29 Raptor engines of its first propellant scheduled for an orbital launch. This is Super Heavy, a Booster 4 (B4) prototype that has two more engines than the first stage of the Falcon Heavy, which sent Elon Musk into space. Thus, it is the largest and most powerful rocket in the company, although they do not fall short and warn that it is destined to become the largest and most powerful in history. 29 Raptor engines and 4 grid fins have been installed on Super Heavy ahead of first orbital flight & mdash; SpaceX (@SpaceX) August 3, 2021 Through a series of images, SpaceX has unveiled this imposing propeller. In the records you can see the grid fins for the aerodynamic...