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Depressing and brutal: that’s how it was to record Friends: The Reunion | Digital Trends Spanish

This year marked the return of Friends, although the return was rather just a special show reminiscent of some aspects of the popular comedy series. In any case, it was well received by the fans, since the space automatically transferred them to the most successful period of fiction. The problem is that now we have known that recording that episode was not entirely easy for its protagonists. In conversation with the podcast Literally! With Rob Lowe, Jennifer Aniston talked about how difficult it was to film Friends: The Reunion. Although the actress acknowledged that at one point she was excited to re-record with her former colleagues, once she arrived on set everything changed. “I think it really depressed us a lot more than we expected because in your mind you think: Oh, this is goi...
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Fabrizio Copano and the adventure of making comedy in the US | Digital Trends Spanish

Fabrizio Copano is one of the most recognized Latin American comedians that exist today. The 1989-born actor and writer in Santiago, Chile, rose to international fame after becoming the first South American comedian to record a comedy special for Netflix. Copano, who came out of the popular Chilean show Comedy club, he also directed his own stellar call The beats of Copano and he was one of the presenters of the space The fault belongs to Columbusby Comedy Central. Today he lives in Los Angeles, United States, and in August he launched the podcast Four from the south together with one of the scriptwriters of The Office, Steve Hely. The program presents stories and news from Latin America, but explained for the American public. In fact, it is broadcast in English. In an interview with ...
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Ted Lasso actor assures that his character is not CGI | Digital Trends Spanish

We are used to the internet serving to feed the most unique theories, especially when they concern a massive cultural product like a television series. Now it was the turn of the popular Ted Lasso, from the Apple TV + platform. Several web users claimed that the character Roy Kent, played by actor Brett Goldstein, is actually CGI, that is, it has been created by a computer. Those who held this theory, relied on the actor's particular way to interpret all the lines of the veteran AFC Richmond captain, and on the facial hair that is distributed symmetrically on his face, almost perfectly. For users, Roy Kent seems more like a character out of the FIFA video game. This controversy could have remained there, since it is very difficult to verify. However, in the last hours he has added a s...
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The 9 seasons of Seinfeld will come to Netflix | Digital Trends Spanish

The battle between the different streaming services is unleashed. A day after the arrival of Star Plus in Latin America, Netflix has made an important announcement that seems to respond to the appearance of this new service. The company just announced that all nine seasons of Seinfeld will hit its platform in October. It is one of the most popular comedy series of recent times, for which Netflix paid close to 500 million dollars for the distribution rights. Through its Twitter account, Netflix made official the arrival of the successful sitcom to its streaming, a way to fill the void left by Friends once it emigrated from this service. SERENITY NOW! On October 1, you will want to call your work and make up what Festivus is. That day the 9 seasons of Seinfeld arrive on Netflix. pic.t...
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South Park was released 24 years ago, how has it evolved? | Digital Trends Spanish

The first episode of South Park aired on August 13, 1997. It is a cartoon series for an adult audience that has been on the air for 24 years (without thinking about stopping) and has remained relevant in pop culture since its inception. The series - created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for the Comedy Central channel - has been characterized by its black humor and its satires towards American culture, which are represented with the surreal adventures of four children: Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Cartman. This particular group of friends resides in a fictional town in the state of Colorado, which they call South Park. Parker and Stone developed the series from two short films, both called The Spirit of Christmas. The first, also known as Jesus vs. Frosty, it was released in 1992, and three ...