Tuesday, September 28

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AuctionWeb and the broken laser pointer: how eBay began | Digital Trends Spanish

On September 3, 1995, programmer Pierre Omidyar created AuctionWeb in California, an online auction website. That day, without much expectation, Omidyar listed a broken laser pointer for $ 1 to sell through the new platform. For a week, no one was interested in the broken item, but then bidders began to push the price of the pointer until it reached $ 14.83. To his surprise, someone ended up buying the item at that price. It was about Mark Fraser, a Canadian who, curiously, collected broken laser pointers. This fact marked the beginnings of the immense website that, two years later, would be renamed as eBay. We are talking about a platform that remains current even today, managing online auctions and allowing people to buy goods from other people or from established companies, all o...