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Cómo actualizar el firmware del router

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How to change the password of your wireless network router | Digital Trends Spanish

Your wireless network password should be strong enough to offer protection and easy to remember and share with family or friends. To help keep you safe and away from unwanted guests, it's a good idea change the router password every so often. A good password should include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and ideally special characters as well. It may interest you: Note: there are two important passwords on your router. The first one - and the one we deal with now - is the wireless network that you and your guests use to log into your network. The second is an administrative password that you use to log in as an administrator and make the changes that are required or to update it. The default login for this password is usually on the back of the device (although you should...
Cómo actualizar el firmware del router, cómo saber la IP del router, Computación, Configurar router, configurar router inalámbrico, routers 5G

How to update the router firmware | Digital Trends Spanish

Like our other devices, it is occasionally necessary update router firmware to offer improved security and compatibility, and even provide new functions for users. If it's been several years since you've checked for router updates or heard of an update or fix, it's time to take action. This is what you should do. You will be interested in: Tip: look for apps for automatic updates and downloads Newer routers often make things easier by connecting to the cloud to get important firmware updates and download them automatically. If you have an application to manage your router, open it and look for an update option. Netgear's Nighthawk app is a good example of this: you can log in, click on your router icon, and choose Search for updates. This will allow you to quickly verify and update...