Monday, August 2

Cómo descargar macOS Big Sur

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Apple MacOS Monterey: How to Download the Public Beta Version | Digital Trends Spanish

During the WWDC 2021 keynote, the next version of the operating system known as Apple MacOS Monterey. This year's new desktop iteration is out now for everyone to download, if you're daring enough to be one of the tester Apple beta. You will be interested in: Although Apple has not given a specific date for the official launch of MacOS Monterey, the technology giant from Cupertino, California, vaguely mentioned that the software will be available this fall, you can get your hands on and try MacOS Monterey through a program a version public beta. MacOS Monterey, which jumps to version 12 this year following the release of MacOS 11 Big Sur, was already available as a closed beta for developers earlier this summer after Apple's keynote address at WWDC, but is now open to anyone interested...