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cómo encontrar diamantes

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How to find diamonds in Minecraft | Digital Trends Spanish

In Minecraft, as in life, one of the most exciting parts is when you discover diamonds. Since it is a very rare mineral, it is not easy to find a vein, and the search could take a long time. Do you prefer to speed up the extraction process to take advantage of the time you spend playing? Then you will have to know precisely how to find diamonds in Minecraft. In this guide we show you all the ways to do it. You will be interested in: Explore cave systems It is not uncommon to come across a huge cave in Minecraft, and deep within them it is possible to find one or another deposit of diamonds. Gems are typically in groups of up to eight blocks, so a single vein will make all the time and effort invested worth it. Thoroughly exploring natural caves is a great way to build up a diamond...