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How to find downloaded documents on your iPhone or Android | Digital Trends Spanish

With the passage of time, you smartphone it transforms into a kind of electronic filing cabinet that you carry around in your pocket filled with photos, videos and PDF files and more. However, it is important to keep track and know how to find downloaded documents so that you can refer to them later (or delete them to free up space). You will be interested in: How to find downloads on iPhone If you have an iPhone, go to the Files app to find your downloads. You can use it to store from photos to songs saved from GarageBand, so if you downloaded something in the past, you will almost certainly find it there. Here we tell you how: Step 1: from the Home screen, tap Files. Step 2: If it doesn't immediately take you to the Explore screen, tap the Explore folder icon at the bottom right ...
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How to find your mobile number from the phone | Digital Trends Spanish

Your parents had memorized the numbers of the whole family and half of their acquaintances. And you ... don't you even remember yours? It is normal. Today there are few who know their own number, but do not worry. If you need it, regardless of whether you use iOS or Android, in this article we will explain how to find your mobile number from your own phone. You will be interested in: Find your phone number on iOS Finding your phone number on iOS is easy and straightforward to explain because most iOS users run the same version. There are two ways to easily locate the phone number: through the Contacts app or through the device settings. We show you the steps in iOS 14. Contacts (edit): open the application Telephone, click on Contacts and your number will be the first in the list...
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We explain how to check the IMEI number of your phone | Digital Trends Spanish

If you have a telephone, you should know that absolutely all cell phones in the world have something known as the International Mobile Equipment Identification code (IMEI, for its acronym in English). We could say that this is something like your national identity card. It is a series of 15 digits that allows you to identify a computer, block it if it is stolen or verify that it does not have a suspicious origin. In this guide we will explain how to check the IMEI number of your phone, in case you ever need it. Before starting, keep one thing in mind: never publicly share the IMEI of your terminal. The IMEI numbers that you will see in the following screenshots have been edited. On an Android phone On an Android phone, you can also find the IMEI in the settings men...