Tuesday, September 28

cómo prestar un libro

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Learn How to Share a Kindle Book with Family and Friends | Digital Trends Spanish

It is now possible to lend a book without fear of receiving it back decorated with ketchup stains (or even worse: never see it again). The Amazon Kindle ecosystem makes it easy to let your friends and family enjoy your favorite titles; learn how to do it without headaches in this guide that explains how to share a Kindle book. You will be interested in: How to Share a Kindle Book with Family Members If you are part of a family of constant readers, we have good news for you: it is very easy to share books with all the members. The Family Library allows up to two adults and four children to share all or part of their books, apps, and audiobooks. Members can read the same title at the same time without interrupting each other's progress, regardless of whether they use a Kindle Paperwhi...