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The new Mercedes-Benz will warn of dangers on the road | Digital Trends Spanish

Mercedes-Benz has just unveiled an ingenious application of communications technology Car-to-X (Auto-AX), which can alert vehicle users to dangerous road imperfections. It will be available immediately in the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class, S-Class and EQS, which will be able to detect these imperfections when the sudden compression and rebound of the suspension reach a certain value that indicates, through an algorithm, that the car has just passed over a potentially dangerous pavement imperfection, such as a pothole or speed bump. At that time, the vehicles as long as they have the communication service Car-to-X active, they send the information to the Mercedes-Benz Cloud in real time via the car's mobile phone network. The central system of Mercedes-Benz informs other vehicles of the bra...
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Protests against SpaceX over Turkish satellite launch | Digital Trends Spanish

SpaceX's good present seems overshadowed by a massive protest by hundreds of people in Hawthorne, California, where the company's headquarters are located. According to a report by CBS Los Angeles, a hundred protesters, mostly Armenians residing in the United States, protested demanding that Elon Musk's company cancel the launch of the Turkish Turksat 5A satellite, scheduled for November 30. Armenian residents claim that this communications satellite will be used to carry cargo that can be used for war crimes, specifically for the inhabitants of Armenia. This occurs in the context of the armed conflict between Armenia and Turkey, which has intensified in recent times, claiming hundreds of fatalities in the last month alone. Fred Tatlyan, organizer of the protest, assured that he i...