Thursday, September 16


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Zoom’s Focus mode hides those who can distract you | Digital Trends Spanish

Zoom has just introduced a new feature called Focus Mode, designed to prevent students from being distracted during a virtual class. When activated, this mode allows the teacher to see all students. However, they can only see the teacher or the person who operates as the host. Thus, the person in charge can activate the concentration mode to reduce distractions during class and deactivate it during discussions. In addition to watching the educator, students will see their own video and any presentation, along with other students' names and emoji reactions. ZoomWith this setting disabled, participants can observe other students and their reactions. “Focus mode allows educators to view videos of their students and students to view their teachers without seeing other class participants. ...
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Windows 11 will use Spotify to help you with your concentration | Digital Trends Spanish

Windows 11 should be available to all users by the end of October. For now, there is a lot of expectation on the part of users of the Microsoft operating system, despite the fact that all the tools and functions that will be available are not yet known. We do know that the new OS will have a special tool that will allow us to work more concentrated and that tool will be integrated with Spotify. Another first look from the team…#FocusSessions on # Windows11 coming soon. This has been a game-changer for me, especially with @Spotify integration #Productivity #Creativity #WindowsInsiders & mdash; Panos Panay (@panos_panay) August 5, 2021 Panos Panay, Head of Windows and Devices at Microsoft, this week revealed the Focus Sessions feature in Windows 11, which h...