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Argentina has the most perfect natural cone on Earth | Digital Trends Spanish

Its shape is so perfect that at the beginning of the 20th century many thought it had been built by man. It is the Cone of Arita, a natural pyramid 200 meters high located in the Arizaro salt flat, in Argentina. At some point it was compared to the pyramids of Egypt, however, scientific research indicates that this natural formation, one of the most conical on the planet, is actually the tip of a small volcano without the force to launch lava from the mantle of Earth and develop a crater. “The Cone sits discordantly on the Arita formation, composed of an ignian rock called granite-granodiorite. This formation, very eroded, is a salt body elongated from north to south for about 10 km and 2 km wide ”, explains the geologist Aroldo Saúl Kärcher, in a investigation 2010. Federico Medaa.“T...