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Clubhouse: four keys to a successful debut on this social network | Digital Trends Spanish

Club House it has some live podcasts, a TED talk, and an academic conference. And best of all, the audio-only social network is now available to any user, after debuting in 2020 on iPhones and mid-2021 on Android devices. The question that surely circulates is what is special and what are the keys to debut in Clubhouse. You will be interested in: The social network can be quite addictive, at least in the first weeks of use. With numerous rooms to discover or interesting discussion topics, you can be hooked in no time. And although it is possible to use it as a background audio, we suggest you take the necessary measures to give it a reasonable use, perhaps establishing limits or some of these options to improve concentration. What is and how does Clubhouse work? GettyimagesClubhouse...
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Five tips to make your email routine more productive | Digital Trends Spanish

Email is an undoubtedly useful communication tool, but when used incorrectly, it can become a constant stress-inducer that consumes time and attention, that is, more of a burden than something beneficial. If you feel intimidated by your inbox every day, check out this list of professional techniques, which can help you transform emails in the productivity tool that they are supposed to be. You will be interested in: Set up (and spread) your free hours To prevent email from infiltrating your non-business hours, it's a good idea to set up hours off. However, it is not enough to make a mental commitment not to review the emails At certain times of the day, or even turn on the do not disturb setting to block notifications (which is a good idea), you should also set up an automatic reply t...
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The best tricks for the Apple iPhone 11 Pro camera | Digital Trends Spanish

When Apple's iPhone 11 Pro went on sale, it quickly established itself as the phone with the best camera on the market, outperforming major rivals such as Google's Pixel 4, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, or Huawei P30 Pro. But how well do you know how to use it? It is always useful and welcome to receive help to get the most out of our device, and that is why we put together the best tricks for the iPhone 11 Pro camera, so that you can get the most creative photos and videos. IPhone 11 Pro camera The iPhone 11 Pro, as well as the 11 Pro Max, feature three 12-megapixel lenses on the back: an ultra-wide angle that provides a 120-degree field of view and an f / 2.4 aperture; a standard wide-angle and f / 1.8; and a telephoto lens and f / 2.0. The camera also comes equipped...
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How to take proper care of your laptop battery | Digital Trends Spanish

When your work tool is a laptop, your computer's battery is almost like the air you breathe, and a poor battery is simply a luxury you can't afford. Work should not be a race against time. That is precisely why it is important to take care of your laptop battery properly, since even the most efficient of them will run out of power at some point. Take care of the charging cycles, take care of your battery All laptop batteries are designed to handle a certain number of charge cycles, generally around 500 full cycles, and sometimes even more. Essentially, a charge cycle is equivalent to a complete discharge up to zero percent, which is followed by a recharge of up to 100 percent. A discharge of up to 50 percent and then a recharge to 100 percent would be equal to half ...