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The revolutionary PlayStation 3 turns 14 | Digital Trends Spanish

On November 11, 2006, Sony released the PlayStation 3 in Japan. A week later it did so in North America, and by the end of that month the console reached Europe and Australia. Although at the beginning the company received criticism from users who complained about the high price of the PS3, as well as the lack of variety in the games, this feeling changed over time. Sony, in addition, ended up lowering the value of the console and the games soon began to arrive, seduced, at the same time, by the wide possibilities that the technology of this version included and that made a radical and noticeable difference with the PS2. In fact, the PlayStation 3 can be considered as one of the most revolutionary consoles released by Sony. This device was able to integrate in a great way with the...
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Panic delays the Playdate, its miniconsole with crank | Digital Trends Spanish

A pocket-sized, yellow console with a black and white (monochrome) screen and games that are operated with a crank. That's the retrofuturistic proposal from game developer Panic and its first laptop called Playdate, unveiled with great anticipation in May 2019 and announced for the end of 2020. However, a few days ago the company - like many in a pandemic - delayed the launch of the console and the first sales requests will only be accepted during the first quarter of 2021, reported The Verge. The team - co-designed by Teenage Engineering- It draws attention not only for its color, but also for the aforementioned crank that intervenes in the development of the game and the monochrome LCD screen of 440 by 240 pixels. The rest is more traditional. It has A and B buttons and a direc...
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PlayStation 5 releases trailer and an updated mobile app | Digital Trends Spanish

Three weeks after the launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony whets the appetite of fans with two important news. The company unveiled the latest epic trailer announcing the console's premiere on Thursday, and also unveiled an updated mobile app, which includes new features such as voice chat, native PlayStation Store integration and a redesigned user interface. According to the site PortalticAmong the new functions of the application, players will be able to create groups and chat with up to 15 friends directly from the phone. The update to the PlayStation App also includes a redesigned user interface. Players can now see what their friends are playing on the home screen and learn information about recent games. Digital Trends Graphic In addition, the “Explore” section will feature off...
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The classic Pong returns in a new retro console from Atari | Digital Trends Spanish

Pong, one of the first and most popular video games in history, has returned from the hand of a new retro console from Atari. It is the Atari Mini Pong Jr. which, unlike other proposals revival, It has a single pre-installed game, precisely Pong. This version consists of a desktop console designed for two players to face off "face to face" in the traditional game to see which of the two gets the most points. The idea is that this console can be carried everywhere, which is why it can be considered as a combination between a portable and a desktop console. Atari. Thanks to its dimensions of 30 x 12 x 7.7 it can be easily loaded inside a bag or backpack; it is also light since it weighs only one kilo. For its operation, the Atari Mini Pong Jr. can be used with batteries or through a...
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PS5 anticipates a “new immersive experience” in this video | Digital Trends Spanish

A promotional video focused on the immersive experience that will be delivered by the Playstation 5, Sony's next-generation console, was revealed on August 20 by the Japanese manufacturer. The just over a minute long promo video highlights features like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D Tempest audio that your next machine and your DualSense wireless controller will be equipped with. "We are excited about these features and eager to see how gamers enjoy a new gaming experience thanks to PS5 and the DualSense wireless controller," said Mary Yee, Vice President of Marketing for the Asian company. The announcement is designed for PlayStation gamers to see the new features and functions of the console come to life through the eyes and movements of a young woman, as...
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How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones with a PS4 | Digital Trends Spanish

Although you can connect any pair of headphones to the control of your PS4, without a doubt nothing is better than using Bluetooth. Thanks to this, you can connect most headphones to your PS4 without those pesky cables. For owners of a PlayStation 4 console, learning how to pair a Bluetooth headset with a PS4 and enjoying your favorite games will be an extremely simple process. Here we guide you step by step. Do we tell you a secret? These alternatives are also useful to link any compatible device with your console, such as a keyboard or a mouse. How to pair a Bluetooth headset with your PS4 Step 1 First, you must have the device you want to connect turned on and ready. Then, in the menu of the PS4 console you must select Settings> Devices> Bluetooth Devices. Thi...