Sunday, July 25

Consumer Price Index

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The price of vending machine food just jumped by a record amount as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and snack brands hike prices

The price of snack food sold in vending machines in the US was up 2.3% between May and June. This is the biggest single-month cost jump on record, according to Axios. Food shortages, the labor shortages, and supply chain snafus are leading to price hikes. See more stories on Insider's business page. Vending machine food prices soared in June.According to the consumer price index from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, snack food sold in these machines in the US was up 2.3% last month, the biggest single-month cost jump on record, Axios reported. The cost of eating out was up 0.7% overall.Food shortages, wage hikes, and the ongoing la...
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Prices surged more than expected in June, as inflation continues to hit our wallets in the US

Food prices increased 0.8% between May and June. Lucas Jackson / Reuters Summary List Placement Consumer prices rose 0.9% between May and June according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, far higher than Bloomberg's consensus estimate among economists of 0.5%. June's increase in the Consumer Price Index, which tracks how the prices of a broad variety of goods and services change from month to month, follows monthly increases of 0.6% in May and 0.8% in April. The Bureau of Labor Statistics noted in the release that this is the highest month-over-month inflation rate since April 2008's 1.0% increase. Prices for used cars and trucks continue to soar, rising 10.5% between May and June. The Bureau wro...